Menmuir School
The earliest mention of a school in Menmuir Parish goes back to the 15th Century. Most Teachers are known since the late 17th Century and some of their stories can be read in the graveyard. There was a school in the 18th century, said to be "ill attended;....hardly 10 scholars in summer, and in winter, the greatest number never exceeded 30"!. The master had "a paltry house, about 100 merks of salary, and the emoluments  not above £2". By 1843, the salary had risen to £50 per year, and there were officially about 70 pupils, but it was rare for them all to be there. The new school was built in 1907, and the  highest recorded roll was 121 in 1914. This total declined rapidly in mid-century: 70 in the 1950's, 50 in 1961, and down to 30 by 1977. this falling roll led inevitably to closure in 1983, and the school and its' schoolhouse are now a private dwelling and screen-printng workshop. The current building has a little left of the 18th century building, a bigger part from the 1870's and the main part built in 1907. It also has two 1970's flat roofed extensions which will be demolished when funds allow to bring the building back to its former glory. We get visits from all over the world from ex-pupils and are compiling a local history and visitors book. Any stories and pictures would be welcome.

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