Farming in Menmuir
The only major estate is the ancient one of Balnamoon. This estate is currently in the hands of the Carnegy-Arbuthnott family. The farms elsewhere are occupied by their owners, and range in size from about 50 to 600 acres. The landscape ranges from partially heather clad upland at about 300 metres, down the "brae face" to the more level low ground. The high ground has very limited use beyond light grazing. The "brae face" is predominantly grassland for the production of prime Scotch beef and lamb. the lower ground is dedicated primarily to arable working, with crops of potatoes, wheat, barley, shopping turnips, oats, and oil seed rape. Both dairy and pork production have now been limited to a single farm.
Areas of commercial and amenity woodland on the "brae face" and the low ground contribute to a variegated landscape. Many farmers are involved in schemes to protect and enhance the countryside, including the planting of native trees, creating of ponds, and protection of wetlands and water margins for the benefit of wildlife and plants.

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