Our next events:

Quiz Night - Friday the 24th of May

Followed by:
Summer Dance - Friday 14th June
Treasure Hunt and BBQ - Friday 12th July

 Yoga Classes have been very successful and another course is now being run.

As well as events by the committee, several private events raising funds for different causes have been successful and the hall is available for private let.
Hall Committee Secretary - Wilson 660203

Angus Council have got a grant to look at the feasability of sustainable energy for rural halls, they are investigating a heat pump system to provide low cost background heating when the hall is not in use, this along with replacing the windows and insulating the walls should lead to a warmer and cheaper to run hall. Substantial grants should be available.

Computer Classes
As well as the many people studying for their E.C.D.L. qualifications we are running courses including:
Basic Computing
Basic Plus
Desk Top Publishing
Word Processing
Digital Photography

The computer group recently hosted a production of Whisky Galore, the house was full for a very enjoyable performance by the Really Useless Theatre Group. It was also a very good fund-raiser for our Computer Group.

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