Menmuir Church
The Menmuir Parish Church was built, or substantially rebuilt, at the Kirkton in 1767. It  had a glebe of about 6 acres, and was under the patronage of John Erskine of Dun. In
1844, the Menmuir Free Church was formed. This became the Menmuir United Free Church in 1900, and the Menmuir South Church of Scotland in 1929, the Parish Church
then being called the Menmuir North Church of Scotland. In 1942, the two churches were united under one minister and one Session. Worship continued in both until 1945,
when the South Church was closed and it and its' manse reverted to the superiors of the ground. Both the manse and the church survive at Lochty. The North Church became
again the only church in the parish, and was renovated in 1946. Services continued there until the 1990's, when problems of upkeep caused the church to be closed and
worship to be transferred to Fern. Pictish stones were found built into the old Church and in the grounds of the Manse and nearby was a Holy Well dedicated to Saint Aidan suggesting Christian worship from a very early time.

Any further information on the Churches, Church records, graveyard and family history would be welcome.
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